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2020 Toyota Prius vs. 2020 Hyundai Ioniq | Hybrid Sedan Comparison | Toyota

Check out what you need to know about the 2020 Prius in this hybrid sedan comparison. With available AWD-e, standard Toyota Safety Sense P, and great convenience technology, Prius remains unrivaled by competitors like the 2020 Hyundai Ioniq. More Prius:\u0026list=PLsOvRYzJPCwVJ_qOl3MN1SAVaPVeajPLe\u0026index=2\u0026t=0s

Learn more about the 2020 Prius:

Top Takeaways of 2020 Prius:
Four vehicle lineup with available AWD [0:48]
Standard exterior LED lighting on all grades [1:13]
Standard interior Smart-Flow Climate Control and available Head-Up Display [1:27]
Standard Amazon Alexa Compatibility [1:45]
Standard Toyota Safety Sense P with Pedestrian Detection [2:09]
Performance of up tp 56 MPG [2:32]

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This video features a competitive comparison of the 2020 Toyota Prius and the 2020 Hyundai Ioniq.
Gene Booher : thxs Toyota you just answered my question on the battery covered up to 150 thousand miles that's why i see alot on my local Toyota dealership lot close to that mile marker after that ? mm 10 grand if battery goes out !
雪花飘飘北风笑笑 : Some people dont like the sharp edges on a car. But I actually enjoy it. I think it makes the car look newer for longer. Nice one toyota.
Kxng : 1:55 just because it’s a better display dosent mean it’s better please spend more time and money into improving your informant system instead of giving it up adding car play and call it a day Apple CarPlay on Prius or Pirus prime with 11.6 dosent even fill the whole thing just please improve the infotainment system Toyota I should be more then happy to even pay extra for it
Dave Volz : Ugh. Bad styling.People think you’re a loser when you ask them for a date
Pj Sneeringer : Love my Prime,but STYLISH???
exotic carstv : Did they just say stylish hahahahaha
Arturo Luna Gómez : Tengo el prius de 2016
احمد غني داود : Yes TOYOTA I LOVE YOU ❤️
Rayyan Feroz : First :)

What's New in the latest GR Supra? | Toyota

Watch as Rutledge Wood checks out the enhancements and performance upgrades of the latest GR Supra. With significant performance and display upgrades and 1 year complimentary NASA membership for new owners, the Supra is pure driving pleasure. See more Supra:\u0026list=PLsOvRYzJPCwUxkPZ8hdqSDyIkpSzlxNJf\u0026index=2\u0026t=0s

Learn more about the GR Supra:

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This video features Motorsports Analyst, Rutledge Wood, giving an overview of the latest Toyota GR Supra.
Aaron london : I hope they bring The Gr Supra to the NASCAR Cup Series.
AhmedxPvPx : Is that a Supra!?
John Lab : Let’s not innovate and just use BMW Garbo... QDR!!!!

10 years ago I talked people into Toyota’s... today the Toyota tax has no value.
MrSqeeky1000 : Give the manual already, you even changed the engine to a smaller one and still no manual. Come on Toyota
rocketman0515 : I own 4 Toyota’s including 2 Land Cruisers but a Toyota with a BMW engine would worry me
Tres 2019 : Z4 Supra
K : Thats a nice looking BMW. Put in a 2JZ or make a 3JZ or else its not worth it.
Kirbylol Elmo : Ehhh it’s a BMW Z4
Capone Collin : I wish this was a Toyota Supra and not a BMW Supra
Car K : Hi there! Please watch a full description of 2021 Supra here:

2020 Prius & 2020 Prius Prime Overview | Toyota

In this video, we take a look at the specs and features of both the 2020 Prius \u0026 the 2020 Prius Prime. We explore how the latest Prius generation offers six distinct takes on the hybrid experience. More Toyota Prius features:\u0026list=PLsOvRYzJPCwVJ_qOl3MN1SAVaPVeajPLe

Learn more about the 2020 Toyota Prius:
Learn more about the 2020 Toyota Prius Prime:

2020 Prius Features:
Six Grade Lineup [0:39]
Sleek Exterior Design [1:30]
Spacious Interior [2:20]
Technological Innovation [3:07]
Safety \u0026 Convenience [4:28]
Performance [5:18]

2020 Prius Prime Features:
EV Driving Range [6:18]
Unique Exterior [6:46]
Spacious Interior [6:54]
Audio Mulitmedia System [7:06]
Hybrid Electric Powertrain [7:20]

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In this Toyota Overview Video, explore the specs and unique features of the 2020 Prius \u0026 the 2020 Prius Prime.
Motch6 : Please bring back the Remote Connect!!! In some form or another, whether it is through Alexa or the Toyota app, whatever it is... we want to Remote charge and Remote turn on A/C!!! You took this away in the 2020.
COYOTE ADVENTURES : I have now heard 5 different current Prius customers of ours, and counting myself as a 6th, that have all said the same thing. The Prius PRIME needs a AWD option as well! Build me a Prime AWD and I would gladly trade my 2016 Prius Four in on a Prime when the time comes!
Ace Orense : 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111999999999999999999999999999999999900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Inderjeet Kaur : I like your all videos and I am a big fan of toyota cars..plz like subscribe and share my channel

hassan barakzai : Fall in love with my 2020 Prius AWD getting amazing fuel efficiency between 61 to over 90mpg since it depends on how you drive like acceleration,braking etc. Can’t wait for next generation of prius.
hassan barakzai : When 5th Generation Hybrid Synergy Drive will come on prius ???
Zaylas Pelt : The greatest hybrid ever made. I love the Prius, so sexy, legendary, advanced and futuristic. Toyota is the future. I would love to have a Prius Prime very much, or Prius. Haha
J Law : i had issues with the clearance height of the prius when having to carry a wheelchair for my mom...the door gets caught at even the slightest uneven side walk .....ouch
JJ163 : 7:17 Android Auto Logo was used instead of the Amazon Alexa Logo.
Krishna Sanagapalli : How cute and how beautiful car. Prius in red colour car is very very heart touching car. Mind blowing car. Nice car dear Toyota




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