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Minecraft: Largest HARRY POTTER Pixel Art Creations

These are the Largest HARRY POTTER Pixel Art Creations. In this video I showcase six pixel arts made in minecraft from the Harry Potter movies.
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#Shorts #minecraft #minecraftshorts
Grip Ghoul : If I was in an SMP and someone made this, I will take away one piece without telling them
evil : This pixel art getting outta hand brother
Beesechurger_73 : Give me a butter beer
Ash's YT Channel : When you caught your friend again:
Beesechuger what are you doing here?!
Twi Shorts what are you doing here?!
No, no stop this madness
Kills Beesechuger_73
Rip Beesechuger_73
Ishaan : I haven’t had some Harry Potter content in a while so thx xD

I had to play Squid Game Red Light Green Light in Minecraft #Shorts

I had to play the Red Light Green Light game from Squid Game in Minecraft! While competing, I saw someone that I recognized... it was @Beesechurger_73 and he was playing the game as well!
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#Shorts #minecraft #minecraftshorts
Beesechurger_73 : Proof you should never put a Duck in debt…
JenishTheGamer : "Beesechurger what are you doing here?"
"Twi Shorts what are you doing here?"
This never gets old
That lego kid : I love how he said “Beesechurger what are you doing here?!?” before he even looked at him.
SCRAP BABY OFFICIAL : Minecraft legendary moments:"congratulations you just getted strucked by lightning"
krishanth .r.r : I like how they both are standing in a wool block

Saving Herobrine From Prison in Minecraft #Shorts

Did I accidently save Herobrine from a prison in Minecraft? Squid Game Pink Soliders were holding somebody hostage, so i recruited among us imposter and my ducky friend to save the player! It turns out that the player was actually Herobrine and he took me to the Minecraft nether!
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#Shorts #minecraft #minecraftshorts
♡IconicAmy♡ : I love how they conjoined Minecraft, Among Us, Ducks, TwiShorts, & SquidGame together in one video.
Click'Me Now⚠️ : Can we appreciate that the His posts everyday to put a smile on our faces
▵_ : My daily dose of Twi shorts “yes!!”
Just what I needed to make my day better❤️❤️❤️
ItsRiz : I love how twi's the first person to make these types of video good.
~iamnot_Crystal~ : Me enjoying : realise they left the duck NOOOO DUCKYYYY




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