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The Simpkin Project - BEAM OF LIGHT [Official Lyric Video]

Listen/Buy 'Beam Of Light' album:

Directed and Edited by: Brian Pena

Simpkin Project plays a multi-faceted blend of reggae and Americana that varies greatly on its exterior layers but only atop the organic rhythms of reggae music. Their dedication and respect for reggae music is both seen and heard through their non-stop, enthusiastic live performances, songwriting style and studio recordings.
BriansThing : Sick!
Johan Armenta : I first saw this band when they opened up for iration at del mar great band
Robert Sin más : What a energetic tune!
Daniel Berdichevsky : what an incredible song
Chris Doyle : Great song!
Eli Rico : Heard this jam live last night at slidebar changed my life! BLESS UP
SocalReggae : Epic!

Nightcore - Blue Beam Project

Nightcore - Blue Beam Project
Original Song: KONCEAL
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Font - YouMurdererBB / NewBorough / Gabriola

fTZYXo (Anime - Kantai Collection)
Image by かじゃねこ:

Lyrics on video.

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Zero.Miz-Kun メ Nightcore Records : Heyho! Come and Enjoy Non-Stop Music <-- Click it ♥ Nightcore Radio ♥ ^_^ IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hey Guys! I am a bit sick atm, my ear has an infection :( been bleeding and pain since 2 days ago.. tomorrow I'm going for a check up, so just in case I don't upload that means I'm either in hospital for surgery (not sure if it is the case) or just too sick to do sht x'D it's giving me a bad headache and ugh sick ;-; #PrayForZero ♥
Juliais Random : Green beam >blue beam
SomethingAppropriate : Behind our mask? What mask? COVID?
Husnain Waleed : Fu*k u and ur new world order and ur new God to respect.
tntramzy12 : Isn't this konceals song
Leland k : covid-19 brought me here hahaha
GoProJoe : Wow good to see exposure for Konceal. They spell out the agenda. The truth is conspiracy.
Janene Brooks : Wow, happening now.
RWBYFAN24 : i dun goofed, i played code vein and now anytime anime, blue and red are mixed to gether i imediatly thing of the main avatar as the power is blue and the eyes can be red LOL anyone else play?
Shade .S. : Amazing do more of these please

Nightcore - Blue Beam Project

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♫ Song: Konceal - Blue Beam Project
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★ Original Artwork: Mafia The Brigade of Knowledge Seekers
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Gyuuki Nightcore : Don't Forget
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04 Janny : Everything he saying is real stay woke
fastgamer2 : Ah when I think back to the times when I though "cool song text". but lets face it. at least 5% of the people that watched this defenetly belive some deritive of this to be true aitn they
BIBI ROME : This song is to manipulate teenagers yust repeting bad comands is brain wash .please stop seeing .
Palea : Y O U H A V E B E E N C H O O S E
Spider Glitch : It feels like this song was put together by a computer, just the way it's said and how some of the words are odd. Just me?
BluePiffGangstaz Official :
Liquid Orange : dude i really need a 1 hour version for this, my fav song tho
Chappy 7w7 : anime? (^-^)
Blue Zenith : I know that background from osu! and thought "wait did he nightcore that song" until i read the title xD


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