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12v Cummins in a '99 Chevy K3500 Crew Cab

Derek shows us his 5.9 Cummins 12v swapped 1999 Chevy K3500 GMT400! #DebossNation
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I FixIt : Rich's smile when he is in rides like this is infectious.....looks like a kid on Christmas morning!!
Joshua Hicks : A big Wow at how the 90s would have been different if gm would have had the Cummins instead of dodge. I'm mostly a dodge truck guy but I'm also partial to gmt 400 trucks. I love this swap.
Andrew Crews : You could say that motor got.... The hell outta Dodge
Jed Clampett : I never tire of watching this swap and the shop talk regarding the components used.

1996 Big 3 Dually Pickup Comparo | Retro Review

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Dodge Ram 3500 V10, Ford F350 Super Cab, and Chevy 3500 Crew Cab go head to head to head.
Show 1522 | Originally Recorded 1-31-1996

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Joe L : Wow, when was the last time you saw a truck with red cloth interior?
Jacob D : Wow, wish trucks were still reasonably priced.
NoFace Outdoors : Christ, I drive an old 95' superduty chassi crew cab with the 7.3 powerstroke. the thing refuses to die and still is an absolute beast.
Aaron Behind Bars : I was going to say these are cheap until I priced out current trucks as equal in specifications as you can get with 19 model years difference. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that $30,000 in 1996 is worth about $45,000 today per their consumer price index calculator.

A 2015 F350 Supercab XLT Powerstroke DRW stickers for $49,835 not including current rebates. The 1996 equivalent cost $30,643 = 2015 $45,842.

A 2015 Silverado 3500 Crew LT 6.0L stickers for $44,705. 1996 $27,805 = 2015 $41,596.

A 2015 Ram 3500 Reg cab SLT 6.4L (V10 not available) came to $35,555. 1996 $26,087 = 2015 $39,026.

Less than 10% disparity is not that unreasonable given the additional equipment and safety features, not to mention capabilities and performance.

How to Replace Rotors/Brakes on K3500 Chevrolet

A how to guide on replacing damaged rotors and brakes on a 2003 K3500 Chevrolet.
XP Landscapes : Hey Matt great video...used your video (and others) to change my front bearings / roeters / calipers / pads + rear drums / shoes. I recently purchased a 1998 k3500 4x4 dually that needed a lot of work. Thanks for posting your knowledge, very helpful!
Lindora Miller : Great video ! I'm 50 and have done breaks many times . I never have owned a 3500 till now and just wanted to see how it came apart to do bearings breaks and rotors . I ended up seeing the whole video . Spot on . I feel confident going forward . Thank you for sharing .i hope you make more videos !
walter nelson : Great video I just purchased a 3500 gmc owner said it needed front pads and rotor. You made it a lot simpler than he had said and a LOT cheaper! Keep up the good work
mark13164 : Great video and thank you for doing it!!! Some rotors need a specific breakin procedure during the first drive to prevent premature failure and thermal issues like cracks..
Cpl.Michael Talamantes : That was awesome thank you so much for thinking of everyone. You have a big heart to do this. I have a 98 chevy c3500 dually 4 wheel drive. I have lost my mechanic I found that he lied to me and now my trust factor has been broken so I am doing things on my own again. I have never done brakes with success but am sure going to try.


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