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Mould type spiral tube former PD-1500/ Testing 400mm diameter

Mould type spiral tube former duct form PD-1500
This video is for testing of mould 400mm duct forming machine!
Most competitive price and most reliable good quality mould type spiral tube former in China!! Warranty of 1year and constant maintainace service whole using-life-time of the machine!!
Please do not hesitate to come for an inquiry!
+86-18355321923 (WhatsApp)
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Datalogic MAGELLAN™ 1500i | Powerful performance, compact design

Discover the new MAGELLAN™ 1500i, the newest member of the Datalogic pioneering Magellan family!

The Magellan 1500i combines the latest digital imaging technology with an innovative design to create the most powerful presentation scanner on the market, that can be used in hands-free stand mode or hand held mode.

Datalogic MAGELLAN 1500i: Powerful performance, compact design!
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Mould type spiral tube former PD-1500 full video of testing from Preda Machine.

This is video is about our final testing of our mold spiral tube former PD-1500 before shipping to customer over sea!
Our spiro tubeformer is in very high cost performance and much more stable/durable than normal band type spiral tubeformer!!!
Buy HVAC duct forming machines(either rectangular duct mahcines or spiro duct), please stick to Preda Machine!
A 100%real manufacturer based in Anhui China!!!
We strive to produce best quality and most competitive HVAC duct machines!!

Here's our website: www.predamachine.com




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